On August 10, 2001, Professional Photographer Paul Harrington made his way down to Manhattan to capture some images which turned out to be one of the hottest days of that summer for NYC, nearly 105 degrees.  Paul also traveled down to Ground Zero only 3 days after the World Trade Center attacks.  On September 14th Paul was able to interview FDNY Ladder 9, Engine 33 at their firehouse to compose a timeline story of how that event unfolded for them.  This story immediately was wired into the editors of 1st Responder Newspaper and eventually was given a two page layout that was published up and down the Eastern U.S.   Following such it was decided that perhaps these images would be best put into the history books of those seeking memorable timepieces.  A small volunteer group was tapped into action to begin what was suppose to be a small fundraiser to distribute these two images and within days it became an “all hands on deck” effort.  In only 2-3 weeks well over $ 8,000 was raised and donated to the FDNY Widows and Children’s Fund.  This was documented as a Non Profit Fundraiser IRS code 501 C (3).  Word spread rapidly and the Times Herald Record covered this effort with a full page in their Community Section.  These images and this website dedication are for those who lost and gave their lives on September 11, 2001.  We will always remember. 



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